Thank you very much for the great learning experience. The English House is not only improve your english skill but also as part of your amazing journey to reach your dreams come true. Love from Glasgow….

(Syiska Yana, Ph.D candidate at University of Strathclyde, United Kingdom. Lecturer in Electrical Engineering, Universitas Sumatera Utara)

The English House has been very helpful with my preparation for IELTS. All teachers are outstanding with their high level of English skill. They monitored my progress and spotted my weak points, and they pushed me to do my best. In my first time talking IELTS test, I got enough score needed to enter Kanazawa University Japan and get BUDILN Scholarship. Thank you The English House.

Emil Salim (Ph.D at Kanazawa University Japan)

Lecturer, Faculty of Pharmacy, Universitas Sumatera Utara

Studying abroad was just a dream from me due to lack of confidence. However, Dr. Saharman Gea inspirated and motivated me by saying that nothing impossible. Study overseas would give me great experience and broaden my horizone to see the world. I build my confidence through his words and discussion. And now, I have completed my M.Sc by Research at the University of Birmingham, UK. Thank you my favourite lecturer.

(Mahyuni Harahap, M.Sc in University of Birmingham)

Ketika mengikuti program persiapan IELTS dengan Mam Meutia, saya dilatih menganalisa kelemahan dalam ujian dan mendiskusikan alternatif solusinya. Sistem pelatihannya efektif dalam membantu meraih skor IELTS yang saya perlukan. Terima kasih, Mam. Semoga The English House dapat membantu lebih banyak orang meraih cita-cita mereka.

(Masyitah Musri, Ph.D Researcher at University of Warwick)

Alhamdulillah atas publikasi penelitian saya di jurnal Internasional sebagai kandidat doktor pada program doktoral di Fakultas Kedokteran Universitas Sumatera Utara. Terima kasih kepada Tim The English House yang telah mendampingi dan membimbing penulisan manuskrip jurnal yang sesuai dengan kaidah penulisan internasional. Terima kasih kepada Pak Gea dan Miss Meutia yang telah memberikan inspirasi dan motivasi yang sangat bermanfaat bagi saya. Semoga The English House dapat membantu kandidat doktor yang lain dalam menyelesaikan studinya.

(Dr. dr. Noni Novisari Soeroso, Sp.P(K))

Study abroad is one of my dreams. Although I was not sure with my capability in English at that time, The English House helped me to increase and to gain the IELTS score to enter the University that I wanted. The courses offered were definitely recommended. Therefore, my capability keeps thriving day by day. I was taking the classes in 2018 and in 2019, I am officially an MSc student at The Australian National University. Thank you The English House! If you have the same dream as me, please go to The English House who knows it can help you to catch your dream because they make my dream comes true.

Marshal Andrea Hutabarat, M.Sc (M.Sc at The Australian National University)

Without a doubt, I was taking an IELTS preparation class at The English House in 2018. Now, officially in 2019, I am a Ph.D. student in the School of Engineering, University of Birmingham. Thank you so much, The English House, Medan, for your friendly tutor, comfy place for studying, and for the up to date IELTS materials. You guys planned to study abroad, don’t waste your time, prepare your IELTS as early as possible, and get your new experience in studying abroad. Thank you, The English House. I highly recommend The English House for you guys !!!

Riza Inanda Siregar, Ph.D student at the University of Birmingham, UK. Lecturer in Department of Civil Engineering, Universitas Sumatera Utara

Overall, pengalaman saya selama belajar di The English House sangat menyenangkan. Semua Tutornya sangat professional, berpengalaman dan friendly. Para Tutor juga senantiasa memberikan masukan agar saya dapat meningkatkan kemampuan saya dalam mengerjakan soal-soal. Kondisi kelas juga nyaman dan jumlah murid untuk satu kelas juga dibatasi, sehingga saya dapat belajar dengan fokus. Semua faktor ini tentunya mempengaruhi hasil tes IELTS saya yang sangat emmuaskan. Semoga kedepannya The English House bisa membimbing semakin banyak orang untuk membantu mereka dalam meraih cita-citanya.

Thank you for the 20 online meetings of the scientific writing class. I am really glad that i could join this class because it was fun, enjoyed and awesome. I have gained a lot of knowledge and skills related to scientific writing and I wish to be able to implement it with the aim of being able to write a good scientific manuscript. Thanks a lot, English House!

The English House gave me more than i expected, i like the method, i always feel free and enjoy it so much eventhough the course i joined was something serious (it’s an ielts prep) but the learning methods are fun and effective. its really worth it as an english house.

Thank you English House for the outstanding materials and tutors that helped me to understand more about scientific writing. I hope to be able to write manuscript in Q1 and Q2 journals as an implementation of the course. In addition, we can also adjust the schedule and be flexible.

The English House is the place to learn English, especially for IELTS Preparation. The teachers are profesional and friendly. They really help me when i need to learn or discuss more about how to improve my english skill. Moreover, the classes were fun and flexible. Not only the theory, they also gave me some helpful tips and trick to get high score on IELTS. Thank you The English House.